Freedom is Being Stripped of Shame

Have you ever felt the paralyzing forces of shame and guilt? Do you believe that somehow you are hopelessly and uniquely flawed?

I can relate. I have met so many people who are in pain that don’t see their own value and worth. They allow their poor self-image and ungodly beliefs about themselves to abort any hopes, plans, or dreams they may have for themselves.

I lived that way for so long. When I met Jesus, I became transformed through His process of sanctification and I allowed Jesus to heal my heart. After many years of walking with Him, Jesus has called me forward to share my testimony. I wrote my story in a book called “Stripped of Shame”. In it, I talk about how the paralyzing forces of shame, fear, and guilt had imprisoned me. But through it all I found a power that is much greater than me. He set me free! I found freedom in being stripped of shame!

A front row seat to the life and mind of an addict, Stripped of Shame is a captivating read that puts a human face on the crippling effects of drugs, alcohol, and childhood trauma. Stripped of Shame details the powerful journey of Doreen Stumpf who found hope through the redemption of Christ’s love.